Casino Djerba in Tunisia

Tunisia doesn’t have many casinos. There are very few of them in the entire country. Because of their religion, they are reserved for tourists. Djerba is an island in Tunisia. In 1998, Casino Djerba was opened. Here, tourists can freely gamble.


Djerba can be described as an island on the Mediterranean Sea belonging Tunisia. Tourists travel from all parts of the world to visit Djerba’s golden beaches and unique, white buildings. Pasino Djerba (Sidi Merhez) is a popular tourist attraction. Although it is not huge, it is well-known for its local architecture and its position, which is almost right on the seashore, makes it lively during touristic periods. Many hotels are located in the vicinity, making it easy for visitors to find accommodation and get to the casino.

Emperors Palace Hotel Casino in RSA

The Republic of South Africa offers a lot to even the most demanding gamblers, which might surprise some. Emperors Palace resort in Johannesburg is known for its African Las Vegas vibe. You will find entertainment of the highest quality here.


The Emperors Palace Hotel and Casino is located at the outskirts the largest city in RSA – Johannesburg. It is approximately 20 km from the city’s center. Emperors Palace can be found near the airport. Because it is so near the airport, visitors to Johannesburg for Emperors Palace casino can easily get there straight after they have gotten off the plane. The area also has hotels that are part of the Emperors Palace hotel complex and other accommodations. There are several train stations nearby, making it easy to get to the city centre.

Argentina casinos and gambling

Argentina is South America’s leading gambling nation. There are more 70 land-based casino, with the largest being Trilenium Casino at Tigre. The country’s habitants love gambling and the luxurious Argentinian casino are open to all.

Online casinos in Argentina

Argentina is open to online gambling. Internet casinos are similarly licensed and regulated as land-based casino. In 2002, this was the home of the first legally operating Internet casino. Argentinian players have the option to use licensed casinos in other countries. These are available in Spanish and English. Players can place wagers in pesos as well as dollars.

Argentina is open to online gambling. Internet casinos can also be found in land-based casinos. They are licensed and regulated by the authorities in particular provinces.

Belarus has casinos and gambling

After Russia banned gambling, popularity of Belarusian-owned casinos increased. Russians visit their neighbor to have some entertainment on weekends.

After its independence was declared on August 25, 1991 the country’s gambling industry began to develop. The Belarusian Council of Ministers issued the first piece of legislation regarding gambling, “On the procedure of issuing special permits (licenses), for certain activities, and state registration of businesses conducting business without the creation of legal entities,” on October 16th 1991. A special program to develop the gambling industry was approved by Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus. There had been plans to create special gambling zones, such as that in Russia. But they were rejected by the government fearing that the industry might stop developing. Because of this, many Russian-born wealthy players travel to Belarus to enjoy casinos.