Iowa Casinos

Iowa is considered the heartland and home to many Americans. Iowa was the first country to permit riverboat gambling in 1989. Soon, riverboat casino were established along the Iowa banks of both the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Iowa saw riverboat betting flourishing again.

Iowa’s initial Native American tribe casino was opened in this period. Iowa approved land-based casinos in the mid 2000s. As larger, land-based casino buildings are constructed, riverboats slowly fade away. These land-based casinos offer a Vegas experience without all the flashy lights. Riverboats are worth the journey.

Iowa is home twenty casinos. Many people still travel up the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and to other casinos in the central region. There are many casinos located along Iowa’s length. They can be found in every area of Iowa: from the Des Moines region to the Missouri River casinos to the Des Moines casino to the Des Moines Casinos to the Des Moines and Quad Cities casinos along the Mississippi River to Dubuque. Riverboats aren’t the only casino that can be found along rivers. Iowa still has six riverboat casino. This number will drop as new casinos are built to replace the old ones.

Sioux City in Iowa is likely to be the next place to build a land-based casinos. They also plan to retire the riverboat. These casinos can be found across Iowa. They are easy to find and you don’t need to travel far. Many casinos offer much more than gambling. Many casinos also offer fine dining options and hotels close by. Many casinos have live music and others offer spa-style facilities with golf and a range of other amenities.

Live racing can also be found. Bluffs Run Greyhound Park may be found at Horseshoe Casino. Greyhound racing is available at Mystique Casino Racetrack. Prairie Meadows Casino Altoona is home to thoroughbred racing. You may find it difficult to believe, especially if this is your first visit to Iowa casinos. They can. And they do. They are much more than a stop along the highway. Check them out and visit them. You won’t be disappointed.

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