How to Beat a Poker Bot in Online Poker

Programmers and poker aficionados have been creating poker bots with the goal of automating online poker. This latest craze has alarmed online poker players and sites alike. The computer program will be able outsmart the live-thinking players and eventually rob poker sites of high-quality players.

A recent industry study found that 12% online poker players were concerned about online poker and had either stopped playing completely or had stopped altogether due to the popularity of poker bots. This basically sends players offline, rather than risking their money against the new computer-generated online poker bots.

There are many ways to beat a online poker bot. These methods will definitely give the human player an edge over the bots. The reason a poker bot is better than a human player online poker is because they lack the ability to feel or think rationally. When they get beaten, a poker bot will not get upset or go on tilt.

Human players have two advantages when playing online poker. The first is the computer generated code used by poker sites for determining shuffles, deals, and outcomes of a hand. The other, equally dangerous to your bankroll is the poker robot, which is pre-programmed to all statistics and probabilities.

You can still use the codes and bots generated by computer poker sites against them, if you know how they work. The poker bot’s decisions are based only on the game itself and its statistical analysis. Also, a poker robot will only make decisions that are based solely on patterns found in the game.
Additionally, online poker sites which actively seek to deter and defeat the efforts poker bot programmers as well as users have put in place a countermeasure to poker bots using the same known patterns. Poker sites can use a countermeasure against poker bots to make sure that they do not lose because the actions of poker bots are predictable and restricted to certain skill-sets.

This works to the benefit of the human player. It is confusing though. The software at the poker site actively searches for poker bot patterns and attempts to distinguish between a human and a computer-generated bot script. But they also accidentally created a flaw which allows a human to take advantage the weakness of the online casino.

This has actually led to a human poker player being able not only to beat the poker bot, mais also to beat human opponents. Anybody who knows that the online poker sites use a certain pattern can get an advantage. This pattern is also known as a sequential pattern and it has significantly changed the online poker game. Online poker sites now have the ability to force wins or losses in a predictable, set pattern.

It is possible not only to beat a poker robot, but it is also possible to recognize the patterns used on online poker sites. These patterns can be learned quickly and require no skill on the part of a human player. You should consider these codes and algorithms when you next play online poker. They are there for the poker bots to win, but not for you.

Paul Westin is a professional player on many online poker websites and an ex-software engineer for a casino company. His latest research uncovers the inner workings online poker sites as well as how software programs affect the outcome of your play.

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